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A-Z Baggage

  • Baggage allowance

    Baggage is classified in two ways:

    Cabin / Carry-on baggage, which passengers may carry with them onto the aircraft.

    Checked-in baggage, stowed in the aircraft's hold.

    There are limits on the amount and weight of baggage each passenger may bring on a flight. These limits vary depending on the class of travel and the route travelled:

    Air New Zealand long-haul allowance:

    Class Checked Baggage

    Maximum weight per piece 23kg (50 lbs)

    Carry-on baggage

    Maximum weight per piece 7kgs (15lbs). Maximum total dimensions (length + width + height) of 118cm (46.5")


    1 piece

    1 piece

    Premium Economy

    2 pieces

    1 piece


    3 pieces

    1 piece

    Gold Elite / Gold /

    Star Gold and

    Koru Club Members

    1 additional piece per person, (max 3 pieces).

    (Not applicable when travelling in Business or with the 'Seat' product on trans-Tasman flights)

    1 piece

    For any passengers connecting onto Air New Zealand via another carrier, please check the operating airline's baggage policy. A group of people travelling together can 'pool' their baggage to take advantage of any free checked-in baggage allowances. If your customers do this, they all need to check-in with their baggage at the same time.

    For travel originating in the US or for travel to the US which is not en route to another country

    Legalisation requires that for all travel that starts in the US or which is for travel to the US as the final destination that the same baggage allowance applies for the entire journey. It also requires that the first ticketed carrier determines what the baggage allowance is. This means that even if the ticket has at least one Air New Zealand flight included the baggage allowance and charges that apply could be of another carrer. More information

    For all other long haul international travel including travel to the US en route to another country

    Baggage allowances and charges may differ between different carriers and throughout the journey, depending if travel is entirely on Air New Zealand or with a number of carriers. More information


    New Zealand domestic allowance:

    If domestic flight is booked as part of the long-haul flight the allowance will be as per the long-haul allowance above. If booked as a separate flight domestic allowances apply, please refer to ‘Smart Saver’ as the level booked from the UK.

  • Prepaid Extra Bags

    Air New Zealand's checked baggage allowance is one piece for Economy, two pieces for Premium Economy and three pieces for Business Premier (up to 23kg each piece). If your customer wishes to take additional baggage they can do so with our Prepaid Baggage.

    Our Prepaid Extra Bags allows customers to pay in advance for extra bags at a lower rate than what they'd receive at the airport. Customers can pay for additional baggage anytime after the booking has been ticketed and up to three hours before their scheduled departure time.

    Prepaid Extra Bags is restricted to Air New Zealand operated flights only – it is not available for any itinerary that has a partner airline sector issued on the same ticket (For airport excess baggage rates when customers are connecting through to other airlines please refer to the other airline's website)

    Customers can reserve up to two items of excess baggage. The fees are as follows:

    Long Haul (ex London to North America or Hong Kong* only)
    1st prepaid item £45 per one way sector
    2nd prepaid item £75 per one way sector
    Purchase at the airport From £100 (per bag) per one way sector
    Long Haul (ex London to New Zealand, Australia or Pacific Island)**
    1st prepaid item £75 per one way journey
    2nd prepaid item £95 per one way journey
    Purchase at the airport From £100 (per bag) per one way journey
    Domestic (within New Zealand)
    1st prepaid item £15 per one way journey
    2nd prepaid item £25 per one way journey
    Trans Tasman (Ex Perth)
    1st prepaid item £30 per one way journey
    2nd prepaid item £50 per one way journey

    * Air New Zealand's service between London and Hong Kong will cancel effective 4th March 2012

    ** If your customer's journey includes a stopover in the itinerary, for example flying from London to Auckland, stopping over for a few days and then continuing onto Christchurch your customer would need to pay £75 for one additional bag to Auckland plus £15 for the extra bag to Christchurch. If your customer is travelling from London to Los Angeles and stopping over before they continue to Auckland they will have to pay for baggage from London to Los Angeles and the same fee again for Los Angeles to Auckland. For example, 1st pre paid item would be £45 + £45 = £90.

    If your customer's luggage weighs more than 23kg then overweight/oversized baggage charges apply.

    For more information about Prepaid Baggage check out our FAQs page

  • How do I book Prepaid Baggage?

    Prepaid Baggage is now available through the GDS (Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan only). If you need help on how to book additional bags on the GDS please refer to the GDS help pages.

    If you can't book with Sabre or Galileo then you can also book Prepaid Baggage through the following three methods:

    • Book it on behalf of your customer on our trade website homepage, Select the 'Add extra bags' functionality – you'll need your customer's surname, booking reference and their credit card details.
    • Call Trade Support on 0208 600 7630
    • Advise your customer to go to 'Your Bookings' at (they'll just need to enter their surname and booking reference)

    N.B. Currently the booking system does not allow bookings for Prepaid baggage on multi-stop itineraries. So if your customer is travelling LHR - LAX - RAR - AKL this unfortunately can't be booked. This is being looked into urgently and we will update you when the issue is solved.

    How does this impact Gold Elite, Gold and Koru members?

    The additional baggage allowance for our Gold Elite, Gold and Koru members has not changed. Their current free additional baggage allowance still applies to a maximum of three checked in bags.

    For information on how to book Prepaid Seat Select check out our 'How to guide' which will take you through the booking process

  • Dangerous and banned goods

    Aviation regulations mean that passengers are not allowed to carry knives, cutting instruments or sharp objects into the cabin. These items can be packed into checked luggage that goes into the hold.

    Items that are completely prohibited are: gases (incl. camping gas), briefcases with alarm devices, corrosives such as mercury wet cell batteries, explosives such as fireworks and flares, flammable liquids such as lighter fuel, flammable solids such as firelighters and matches, oxidising substances such as bleaching powder, poisonous and infectious substances, radioactive materials and magnetised materials.

    Lighters (including butane, absorbed-fuel (Zippo-type), electric/battery-powered and novelty lighters) are banned at all United States of America airports and onboard aircraft travelling to/from the USA. Therefore passengers are NOT permitted to carry lighters on any Air New Zealand flight from or to the United Kingdom or United States of America, including in their checked-in baggage.

    Passengers can carry perfumes, hairsprays and any alcohol-containing medicines necessary during the journey in limited quantities.

    Specific requirements exist for the carriage of camping stoves/fuel containers, firearms and any devices with petrol engines. Carriage of these items will require passengers to prepare the items or arrange documentation in advance of the travel date. It should be noted that most devices with petrol engines cannot be carried as checked or cabin baggage and must be consigned as cargo. If you are unsure about any items, please contact Air New Zealand for advice.

  • Electronic equipment

    Modern aircraft are fitted with sensitive electronic equipment which can be affected by some types of electronic equipment carried by passengers. This restricts the type of equipment you may bring on board.

    Use of mobile phones is permitted on all Air New Zealand aircraft when the aircraft is stationary on the ground, the entry door(s) are open and the engines are not running. Please ensure mobile phones are switched off when the entry door is closed (i.e. before departure, during flight and prior to the doors opening on arrival).

    The following portable electronic devices may be used on the aircraft at any time:

    • Hearing aids
    • Heart pacemakers
    • Self-contained personal life support systems that use non-spill batteries, including nebulisers, monitors and similar may also be used when the passenger has prior medical clearance from Air New Zealand.
    • Watches
    • Other electrical devices e.g. hand-held calculators; portable voice recorders (powered by dry cell batteries); electric shavers

    The following may be used after take-off and before landing, when the seatbelt sign is off:

    • Portable computers and tablets
    • MP3 players and disc players
    • Handheld electronic games
    • Other portable devices such as video recorders; camera; radios and televisions with headphones

    The following may be used only with prior approval from Air New Zealand:

    • Life support equipment which is not self-contained.
    • Equipment containing dangerous chemicals such as mercury or acid devices that requires a separate battery or power source.
    • Anything not specifically covered in the previous sections.

    If you are unsure about any items, please contact Air New Zealand for advice.

  • Infant baggage

    Infants are entitled to one piece of cabin baggage but do not receive a checked baggage allowance. Accompanying passengers may take certain items related to travelling with an infant.

    Strollers and car seats are permitted free of charge, when travelling with an infant or child. Strollers and car seats need to be suitably packed with all straps stowed away (ideally in a travel bag) in order to be carried.

    Should you need to book additional Prepaid Baggage for an infant the same charges apply as an adult booking.




  • Musical instruments

    Small musical instruments can be carried in the aircraft cabin. Depending on the size of the musical instrument you may be asked to purchase an additional seat.

    In the interests of safety, musical instruments larger than a cello will not be accepted in the cabin. Larger items may be accepted into the hold and additional charges may apply – contact Air New Zealand for details.

  • Overweight or unaccompanied baggage

    Bags that weigh up to 32kgs can still be carried but will incur excess charges (from £100 per bag). If the bag weighs more than 32kgs the bag will not be carried and the customer will be asked to remove items before the bag is accepted for carriage. If it does weigh over 32kgs it must be sent as cargo. For more details, contact our Cargo department at London Heathrow on + 44 (0)20 8751 5000.

    For more information please go to

  • Sporting equipment

    International services only

    If you need to book sporting equipment for your customer they will need to purchase an additional bag through Prepaid Baggage. Sporting equipment cannot be checked in as part of your regular baggage allowance.

    If the sporting equipment is over 23kg but under 32kgs they will need to pay the additional overweight fee on top of their additional bag charge (See overweight or unaccompanied baggage page for more details).

    If your equipment is heavier than 32kg it must be sent as Cargo. For more details, contact our Cargo department on +44 (0)20 8751 5000.

    Bicycles may be accepted when you purchase an additional item through Prepaid baggage, but they need to be packed correctly: the handlebars and pedals turned in or removed, and the whole bicycle wrapped in corrugated cardboard or an equivalent material. On those bicycles where the pedals cannot be turned in or removed, sufficient padding must be provided around the pedals to prevent damage to other baggage.

    For more information please go to

    For restrictions and conditions relating to skis and other sports equipment, contact Air New Zealand.



  • Partner airline baggage

    Virgin Australia

    When booking flights across the Tasman with Virgin Australia, operated by Air New Zealand please note that not all fares include free baggage allowance. Please contact Virgin Australia for more information as Virgin Australia baggage rules will apply.  

  • Migrant baggage allowance

    Customers who book a one way fare from London to New Zealand are entitled to one additional bag weighing up to 23kg. 

    To request an additional bag please call our Sales Support team. You will need to supply a valid ticketed booking (this must be via LAX only) for the request to be approved.

    If you have any questions on migrant baggage please get in touch.