Air New Zealand Trade

Further changes to international schedule


Further to WTPS 4287 Air New Zealand advises of further amendments to our schedule as listed below:

Date Route Flight# Original Timing New Timing
Depart Arrive Depart Arrive
7, 9-12 May AKL-HKG was NZ87 2355 0710*1 0135 next day 0850*1
now NZ89
8-9, 11, 13 May HKG-AKL NZ80 1810 0855*1 1610 0655*1
8-13, 15-20, 22-27 May AKL-LAX NZ6 1550 0900 1930 1240
8-13, 15-20, 22-27 May LAX-AKL was NZ5 1050 1835*1 2230 0615*2
now NZ3
8-13 May AKL-IAH NZ28 1930 1610 1600 1240
14 May AKL-PER NZ175 1205 1530 1035 1400

Further to the above please continue to check your queues and 789 disrupt agent page for various flight number changes due to a change in aircraft type.

We anticipate that the GDS will start to update from 4pm today and will appear as a normal schedule change once this change has been made.

Please visit the Air New Zealand 789 disrupt agent page for more information on:

  • Affected flights that have already been advised
  • Customer flexibility options
  • Rebooking options for destinations beyond the gateway
  • Ticketing process for reissues
  • Accommodation assistance

Thank you for your support over this period in helping us to ensure our customers get to their destinations with as minimal disruption as possible.

Reminder – flexibility options for 787-9 schedule changes

The below flexibility options apply to Air New Zealand 086 ticket stock and covers both domestic and international travel for customers:

• Customers who hold other airline connecting flights will be allowed to change those flights if the involuntary reroute causes a misconnection. Please note the other airline flights will need to be rebooked in your system and reissued with the updated NZ service to ensure connectivity.
• Customers with connections beyond the gateways can be rebooked/rerouted in the same cabin class using NZ services or other airlines permitted within the routing options of the fare purchased without penalty or fare difference. Please rebook the lowest booking class within the same cabin. (Note rebooking on Korean Air and Delta Airlines is not permitted outside of fare rules/classes)
• Customers who choose to reroute to another Air New Zealand destination, change fees waived, fare difference does apply. Tickets must be endorsed with “Invol Reissue due 787 SC”.
• Unused tickets can be held in credit to the value of the unused portion of the ticket for 12 months from the original ticket date of issue if customers choose this option. Change fees are waived, however fare differential will apply.
• Customers who are unticketed are not covered by this policy.

Ticketing process for customers requiring a reissue:

• Tickets will need to be re-issued as an involuntary reroute with NO ADC; i.e. original fare
calculation and new itinerary.
• PNRs must be updated and tickets must be endorsed “Invol Reiss due 787 SC”.
• Ensure all SSRs are reinserted as per standard practice when changes are made to a flight

For customers booked on other airline ticket stock, please contact the ticketing carrier for assistance.

We also realise a number of customers travelling to our Longhaul destinations will now require overnight accommodation. Air New Zealand would very much appreciate your assistance in sourcing accommodation for customers in this position who are non-local residents. We will reimburse accommodation costs for one night up to a maximum of USD$200 per room, please note travel to Perth is not included. Agents can send receipts on behalf of customers through to for reimbursement. Please provide the following details:

• Pax Names(s)
• NZ PNR / Vendor locator
• Ticket number(s)
• FX / Currency
• Claim amount
• Account Beneficiary Name (Agent or Customer)
• Beneficiary Address
• Bank Name
• Bank's Full Address
• Bank & Branch ID (alternative names)
• Account Number

Thank you for your support over this period in helping us to ensure our customers get to their destinations with as minimal disruption as possible.