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The world's coolest safety video


World's Coolest Safety Video #AirNZSafetyVideo

Our newest safety video, which showcases Antarctica and features American actor, filmmaker and environmentalist Adrian Grenier, is here!

The World’s Coolest Safety Video shines a global spotlight on Antarctica, taking viewers on a breath-taking journey to the frozen continent, where Kiwi scientists are tackling the most pressing questions on global climate change.

Building on our long-standing partnership with Antarctica New Zealand and the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute, the video sees Adrian team up with Scott Base scientists to track penguin populations, study ice core samples and visit early explorer Ernest Shackleton’s hut and the vast Dry Valleys.

To minimise the environmental impact of filming, a total crew of just 6 travelled to Antarctica, with Scott Base scientists and staff doubling as supporting talent in the safety video. We’ve also released TV and online content, providing a more in-depth look at Antarctica and the work being done there. You can check out all of this fascinating content on our Where to next microsite.

More than 20 students aged 8–10 years old from Christchurch’s Hornby Primary School also feature in the video, appearing in footage shot in Canterbury Museum’s Antarctic Gallery. Christchurch itself plays an important role for the many scientists who travel to Antarctica from around the globe – the city has been a gateway to the continent for more than 100 years.

We are incredibly proud to contribute to this world-class research and are confident the safety video will encourage millions of people to reflect on the role they can play to minimise their own impact on our environment. However, we are also very aware of the sensitivities around choosing Antarctica as a location given the Erebus tragedy of 1979. We have been in contact with the families of those lost in the tragedy to share with them the objectives of this project and the care being taken to film in a sensitive way, and locations were carefully chosen to avoid featuring Mt Erebus and memorial sites.